Lawford Robinson x Salvation Army

We have a keen interest in giving back to the community. In 2015 we launched our volunteering program, where we dedicate time to Salvation Army projects around Melbourne on a monthly basis.


The Smith FamilyLawford Robinson x The Smith Family

In 2015 we launched our Christmas Charity drive in Cooperation with The Smith Family, The Cluster, and GoGet. We coordinated donations from the community of Businesses at the Cluster, for The Smith Family’s annual Toy & Book Appeal. With the help of GoGet, we were able to deliver these Toys & Books out into the community.


FehilyLawford Robinson x Fehily Contemporary

We enjoy connecting with people. We also enjoy great music, food and wine. With the turning of each season we host an evening of Food, Art and Wine in partnership with the Fehily Contemporary Gallery in Collingwood. We choose to invite a small number of our clients to these intimate and enjoyable events, to help build our relationships in an enjoyable manner.